Are you looking for the perfect unique lamp? Or perhaps a vintage ceiling light to finish the look of a room? It’s important never to forget how well placed lighting can add depth to a space, as well as tying in the overall theme of the room together.

In fact, the lighting in a home can completely change the mood of where it occupies, it can even change a rooms perceived size. Great lighting should work with the size of the room, the availability of natural light and colour schemes. Lighting is not just about functionality, it’s got much more style to give.

Darker colors often make a room feel smaller, a well lit room can create the opposite effect. Light reflected on the surfaces of walls can give the illusion of space, while directional lighting can soften their colour.

Of course, some lighting does need to be functional- we do need to be able to see a room. However, that doesn’t mean that your ceiling light has to be everyday. Work that in with some beautiful unique lamps to highlight and accentuate and you can transform your room.

Here are some of our current favourite lamps and ceiling lights to brighten your home.

Unique Lamps

Seventies Twin Spot Lamp

Unique Lamps

Arco’ Style Floor Lamp

Contemporary ceiling light

Origami Lampshade

Vintage Ceiling Lights

Industrial Enamel Pendants