Pantone is the pioneer of colour, and recognised trend forecaster. So, when it announces its colour of the year, you take note! Colour forecasting and trends obviously play an important part in the products we source and design for you, and we think the colour of the year is just a little bit special. It is…… Ultra Violet, a bold purple that is reminiscent of the Purple Rain pantone brought out earlier in the year to celebrate the life and death of the marvellous, Prince.

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 13.42.58This is a colour that Pantone says is already being used by many innovative tech and business companies, and it is one that has been chosen to inspire experimentation and non conformity.

Ultra Violet as a colour evokes images of the cosmos and the mysteries and intrigues that lie within- and this can be seen in their Ultra Violet imagery.


And of course let’s not forget the nod to the creative heroes we’ve lost such as Prince, Bowie and Hendrix- who Pantone highlights all brought this colour into the “forefront of western pop culture as personal expressions of individuality”

We love it, and everything is represents and hope you do to. We’ll be keeping an eye out for the mystical hue in 2018!