Every January Pantone announces its colour of the year, this year it was Greenery- a fresh, bold and vibrant green. It’s one we’ve had our eye on in terms of the furniture and homeware we source and trends we look out for. So, as we eagerly await to find out what Pantone’s colour of 2018 will be we’ve been looking at the 2018 colour forecast for inspiration.

There are eight palettes in total and it looks like Pantone has predicted something for everyone! Neutral metallic colours have particularly caught our eye, as well as a move from the pastel to the bold- so if you’re a bright colour lover 2018 is going to be your year! Another trend for the magpies out there will be pearlised or translucent colours- yes please!

So what do the eight palettes look like?


Resourceful: This palette is only made up of blue and orange colours and we think the combination of warm and cool tones is really interesting.

Verdure: This palette is symbolic of health with colours like Celery being paired with Eggshell Blue and berry-infused purples.

Playful: Name says it all, this palette is full of fun colours such as Bright yellow and Lime Popsicle.

Discretion: Because it can’t always be playtime! Here the colours are subtle such at Elderberry and Hawthorne Rose.

Far-fetched: Here we see lovely earth hues like Cornsilk Yellow being beautifully paired with rosy tones.

Intricacy: Step in the neutral metallics with accents of dramatic Holly Berry and Yellow Sulfur.

Intensity: This is a real eclectic mix of colours that are balanced with black and gold- classic combination. The palette evokes strength, power and sophistication.

TECH-nique: Bright bold colours are paired with Brilliant White and Frosted Almond and is meant to give a nod to technology.

So, there are loads of great colours to inspire you in 2018. We’ll certainly be looking for bold colours and metallic hues to style us into the New Year! However, all we can think about now is, what will be Pantone’s colour for 2018?