As the winter months draw ever closer, we look for comfort in our homes with this season’s interior trends and our range of contemporary and vintage furniture.

The last rays of summer are fading into our memory as Autumn creeps in, the leaves have begun to colour our landscape with hues of gold and red, and coats and scarves have been pulled from our winter hideouts. This is a beautiful time of year, there’s excitement as the seasons change and that doesn’t have to stop at our wardrobes. We’re looking to our homes and key interiors trends for Autumn and Winter, and how with a few vintage or contemporary furniture additions we can update our look for the season.

Millennial Pink – The Colour of Now

If you haven’t heard of Millennial Pink before, you will definitely have seen it as it’s absolutely everywhere. As described by the Guardian “this light shade of pink has come to represent the socially enlightened values of young adults”. Social commentary aside, it’s a beautifully delicate yet strong colour and accents of this in your home can update your interior design for the coming months. And a flash of pink to warm the winter can surely only be a good thing?  

Our pink blush scallop back velvet armchair with a wine colour fringe would be perfect for a statement update. Or perhaps you could throw some velvet, duck feather, cushions on your seating for that colour pop?


Scallop Back Pink Armchair – £420

pink cushions

Velvet Cushion – £45

Statement Lighting – Brighten up the Winter Months

As the evenings draw in, and everything gets a little darker, it stands to reason that lighting begins to take more of a centre stage. Statement lighting is an opportunity for you to show your personality in your home. Bold lighting can act almost like a work of art, a sculpture pulling the room together. And of course they’re functional, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful.

If you’re looking for a vintage statement, our three tier pendant light will warm any room with some 70’s flair. Or our Murano glass spherical ceiling light will also make a strong statement.

Three Tier Ceiling Pendant with Moulded Glass Panels

Three Tier Ceiling Pendant with Moulded Glass Panels – £56.25

Murano Glass Globe

Murano Glass Globe – £390

Back to Nature – with some Mixing and Matching

Get ready to embrace natural materials this season, as our organic landscape changes hue and trends move away from bright colours and modified plastics. This trend is all about being inspired by nature and mixing different materials together. Think about cotton cushions and throws, woven lampshades and organic ceramics and you’ll be on the right track.

We think that our thick weave cushion, with some beautiful gold detailing, is just right for this trend.

Thick Weave Cushion with Gold Detail

Thick Weave Cushion with Gold Detail – £25

Very Velvet – the Trend that Never Gets Tired

Like floral patterns in Spring, velvet is a trend that comes round every year- but for a material so sumptuous we’ll allow it. Velvet was fully embraced by the fashion world in AW16, and as interior journalist Kate Watson-Smyth said “where they lead, our walls and furniture follow”. To really embrace the beauty of velvet you can pair it with this season’s dark green colour trend or mix it with warm metals such as brass.

Channelling the colours of the trees in Autumn, our Art Deco Octagonal Tub Chair is not only great for this season, but year round. Or how about our vintage lounge armchair, for a dramatic velvet addition?

Art Deco Octagonal Tub Chair

Art Deco Octagonal Tub Chair – £43

Vintage Lounge Armchair

Vintage Lounge Armchair – £650

Like these trends but don’t see what you want on our site? We can source items for you, so you don’t have to! Just get in touch and let us know what you’re looking for so that you can Live Individual.