Vintage, antique, contemporary, modern- just a few words that are thrown about when talking about furniture. It can be confusing to understand what vintage furniture is, and you often find that people will have different definitions. However, we have a few rules that we stick to to help define the items that we are selling. So, just when is furniture vintage?

You may think that antique and vintage essentially mean the same thing, however they actually have very different requirements for their definitions. Anything to be classed as antique should have a minimum specific age of more than 100 years. So your old phone isn’t an antique just yet- even though it might seem like one!

Vintage furniture is even more complicated again. Antique furniture needs to be at least 100 years old, got it. Where on earth do you begin with vintage? Many people define vintage in many ways, but this is what it means to us and how we define our furniture.

Generally speaking, you could say that vintage is anything between 30 to 100 years. However, this would mean that your granny’s old sofa would technically be “vintage”. So that definition isn’t always quite right! Another definition of vintage can mean a piece of furniture that is a representation of something that was popular in another era, or more simply put it is something that mimics the style of that era. So, this doesn’t mean that the item actually needs to be from that era. Depending on what you’re looking for this might not be how you want to define vintage either!

And, if we’re getting pedantic (which we are), the term vintage actually derives from the dating of bottles of wine. In this definition the vintage date comes from when the grapes were grown. And as we know, the vintage of a wine can have importance on the price of the bottle depending on if it was a good or bad year for the grapes. So, if we look at this meaning then the word vintage implies that there needs to be an indication of a date.

So, when is furniture vintage to us? Well, it’s anything that is under 100 years old, is unique and a good example of what defined its style in its time. That’s why you’ll find so many beautifully unique items of vintage furniture available for you from us.

We love vintage furniture for so many reasons. Modern and contemporary designs are beautiful, and we’ll never put one above the other, but there’s a nostalgia to the perfect piece of vintage furniture that can transport you to a different time. They can hold treasured memories, or complete a room to create new ones.

Here are just a few of our current favourite pieces of vintage furniture that are available for you…

Pair of 1970's Danish Wingback Armchairs- vintage furniture

Pair of 1970’s Danish Wingback Armchairs

Centa Side Chairs - vintage furniture

Centa Side Chairs

Mid-century design chair - vintage furniture

Mid-century design chair

 VintageFritz Hansen Super-Elliptical - vintage furniture

Vintage Fritz Hansen Super-Elliptical

1960's Tapered Coffee Table - vintage furniture

1960’s Tapered Coffee Table