CERAUDO meets the founder behind Floom, the online platform allowing Londoners to have the best independent florists at their fingertips, and showcases some of their beautiful blooms in our vases.

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Antique vase (£25) available to buy. Bouquet styled by Floom featuring peonies, David Austin roses and cornflowers.

Floristry is something that most consider an essential piece of their interior puzzle. Whether it’s a bountiful bouquet bursting out of its vase, or a sleek cactus sitting in the corner, these living blooms have adapted to interior styles throughout the decades. We take a look at three interior trends (antique, mid-century & modern Scandinavian) and how floristry styles can add the perfect touch to complete your desired mise en scène, whilst Lana, Founder & CEO of Floom, gives us an insight into the world of her company and the reason for its need in today’s market.

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Antique style (£15) vase available to buy. Bouquet styled by Floom featuring thistles.

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Antique style brass engraved vase (£25) available to buy. Bouquet styled by Floom featuring dahlias.

Lana’s previous roles at i-D, Burberry, and a design & tech agency have given her an eye for design and brand experience, as well as tech-focused business.

I had spent so many wasted hours looking for florists when I sent flowers in the past, and most of the great ones are still unknown to most. I wanted to build something that simplified this discovery and purchasing process, but without just building an online floristry website, I knew it needed to be built around these independents and their skills.

Floom’s florists offer something different from the competition and are selected for their strong personality first and foremost, mostly through social media platforms.

We want the florists and their stories to take centre stage – Floom is about using my tech background and giving them an easy platform to shine on.

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Mid-century style ‘wave’ vase (£20) available to buy. Bouquet styled by Floom.

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Mid-century Murano centre piece (£95) available to buy. Styled by Floom.

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Mid-century style terrarium (£40) available to buy. Ferns from Floom.

Their customers vary from luxury businesses like Burberry and Conde Nast buying gifts, Londoners on the hunt for that beautiful celebratory bouquet or just homeowners looking to spruce up their interior with some luscious blooms and plants.​

Floom try to make their sales all about the customer’s individuality, the uniqueness of different flowers, their stories and their smells.

I don’t often like to say you should use “this flower here for this occasion”, because I believe it’s that kind of advice that has led so many people to only really know about a select few flowers.

Lana would suggest “trying out something different each season, as it’s very unlikely you’ll get bored, and forever be intrigued by their remarkable ability to affect your mood.”

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Modern Scandi style glass carboy (£30) available to buy in clear and green.

Modern Scandi clear glass carboy (£30), large cream dot vase (£ ) and small green dot vase (£ ) available to buy. Flowers styled by Floom featuring .....

Modern Scandi clear glass carboy (£30), large cream dot vase (£38) and small green dot vase (£18) available to buy. Styled by Floom.

When asked about the role of flowers through different trends, and if they’re part of a bigger movement along with fashion, art and film, like the indoor gardening craze at the moment, Lana says:

I think trends that plants and flowers see can be very dependent on where consumer habits are at that time. We’ve built such busy, urban lives around ourselves, that suddenly the integration of nature becomes so important.

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Lana Elie, Founder & CEO of Floom.

Flowers have inspired fashion collections, famous painters, musicians, even architects. It’s the one thing that takes its turn in every industry, acting as a muse. A trend can define how flowers and plants are used, but never replace them. There’s too much beauty in them to be ignored, their ability to cause immediate happiness, stress relief, and joy is something that will never disappear.

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Lana Elie, Founder & CEO of Floom.

Photography by Tine Bek.