In advance of their next pop-up, discover the pasta company with an unconquerable passion for great, fresh pasta.

Nonna Ceraudo knew pasta. Every Sunday there was a huge pot of sauce simmering on her stove that had been on the go since the early hours of the morning, ready for a ritual celebration of all that is good about family and food. Calabrian recipes were handed down by her Mother and perfected over years of practise. Any kind of gathering, be it a weekday supper or a major event, revolved around an expertly executed pasta dish that only Nonna could properly pull off and these quickly became the focal point of our family life.

So, when we moved to London, finding somewhere that considered pasta to be just as important as we did became the inevitable task. There are plenty of places across this sprawling city but most seem ashamed by the simplicity of pasta. The trattorias have substituted quality for scale, and the burgeoning Italian tapas scene rarely offers pastas that are served as the event they should be. This seemingly perfect communal dish had little to no presence at food festivals, pop-ups and supper clubs. We knew pasta to be unfussy in presentation and very fussy in preparation, a combination London seemed to miss.

Thankfully, we were not alone. VVolf is a young company set up by a group of guys with a clearly unconquerable passion for the simple but intense joys of pasta. We are extremely excited to combine their food with Ceraudo wares and hope you will agree that the natural affinity between the two might just be more than coincidence.


CERAUDO decagon marble platter available to buy.


CERAUDO marble effect bowls available to buy.

The team behind VVolf approach pasta as a meticulous craft where no element is overlooked. Their aim is to find the perfect marriage between pasta and sauce. What is the right thickness of pappardelle? Is it heresy to combine a sauce from the south with a pasta from the north? Ragu, bianco or rosso? These are the questions that keep them awake at night.

VVolf believe that “attention to detail should never be trumped by saving time”. I can almost hear Nonna’s approval as I type. However, as Londoners they are also well aware of the scarcity of time. “Thus we’ve customised our menu so that our dishes are cooked slow, yet served fast”.


CERAUDO small marble effect bowls available to buy.

“We respect tradition but also brave change to deliver something that is not quite what you would find in your Italian nonna’s kitchen, but something Londoners have come to expect, umami filled mouthfuls of pleasure in every bite”.


IMG_5804 copy



IMG_5786 copy



CERAUDO marble effect bowls available to buy.

These guys are not the grandsons of a matriarchal Nonna who has been serving up traditional dishes for years, and do not pretend to be. Their drive, meticulous preparation and exciting combinations allow them to deliver food Nonna would be proud of to a world she might not quite recognise.


CERAUDO serving plate available to buy now.


CERAUDO plates, glassware and cutlery available to buy.


Octopus and tomato sauce with chitarra


Pappardelle ragu. CERAUDO serving spoons available to buy.


Octopus and tomato sauce (left) pistacchio pesto with maltagliati (right). Serving plates available to buy.


Pappardelle ragu (left), Octopus and tomato sauce with chittara (right). CERAUDO blue pattern serving dish and serving spoons available to buy.


CERAUDO plates and brass cutlery available to buy.

The VVolf team is an eclectic bunch comprised of a Maltese engineer, a Canadian singer, a British actor and a Mexican security expert brought together by one common purpose:

“to give the greatest city on Earth the pasta it deserves”.

Be sure not to miss their next London residency!


Photography by Tine Bek.